Forum changes

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    • Forum changes

      Dear community,

      On Wednesday, 3rd of July, we will have an upgrade on the EN forum.
      After the upgrade, we will be working on a new structure in the forum to welcome the community members of the following languages:
      CZ, DK, FI, GR, JP, NO, SE, SI, SK, TW

      On Monday 8th of July, the current forum for this community will be set up on "read only" mode and the UK forum with its corresponding section for this community will become the official forum for you.

      We are looking forward to see you there and we hope this change will increase the activity of the community!

      Your OGame Team
    • Til de som måske ikke har læst det tidligere, skal man oprette en ny bruger på, hvis man ønsker at gøre brug af forummet..
      Der bliver ikke overført noget fra dette board, heller ikke jeres bruger-konti.. Kun særligt udvalgte sektioner/tråde kopieres over..
      "You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun"

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    • Hello OGamers!

      This forum from now on will be kept in read only mode. All your CR and discussions will be welcome on the new board.
      Feel free to join us here:

      Some changes will be made and the team is trying to figure out the best wait to create a comfortable forum for you.
      Poke us there with your ideas or even using the ticket system (board side).

      Hope to see you all soon!
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