AS Solo #1 [TOT: 15.428.294.000] Genos [MWS] vs. Enurhp [Sballs] (A: 2.531.347.000, D: 12.896.947.000)

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    • AS Solo #1 [TOT: 15.428.294.000] Genos [MWS] vs. Enurhp [Sballs] (A: 2.531.347.000, D: 12.896.947.000)

      1 Week Earlier:
      [b]The Warlords Hideout:[/b]

      Genos took a last sip of his ice cold Faxe Kondi and stood up.

      Genos: W.T, Baron, it is time!
      Wild tiger: N
      ow what?? what are you up to Genos?

      W.T sounded a bit irretated, some of the nanite factories at his shipyards was on strike due to workload, big orders and not enough nanite technology to meet the deadline of the ordered RIPs.

      Baron: Whats up W.T, did you fire your fleet admiral again? hahaha.. Genos whatever you have in mind, count me in, my fleet is hot standby as always! Where is W.S, im fking starving!

      Genos smiled while watching W.T raging at his fleet admirals and gave orders to send his Rips on a mission to test the new augmented cannons he had installed, Baron was preparing to go fishing.
      As Genos left Vendelboen, Tex and WienerSchnitzel entered.

      W.S: Where are you going Genos, i ordered some kebab! Extra chili right? OMG!! where are Poddy and Lynet :)
      Tex: Yo Genos I jost got a new batch of Deu, U call i deliever bro.
      Genos: Hey Guys im busy at the moment, lets talk bussines when i come back
      Vendelboen: Poddy and Lynet is out of town, they were talking about black friday sales at Merchants.

      3 days earlier:
      The Order:

      Genos had mentioned earlier that he wanted to go for Enurhp's fleet 1v1, but he never revealed the details of his plans. As GF Empire had granted 2 free Colony relocation permissions, Genos wanted to move close to Enurhp's Headquarter. He called in his commanders.

      Genos: Status!
      1stCommander: We are ready to launch, just give us the coordinates my Lord.
      Fleet Admiral: The last destroyers you ordered will join this mission my Lord
      Geolog: My Lord i have calculated the best possible coordinates for your strategy, the colonization will be completed in 24 Hours
      Engineer: Our jump gate will need further 24 hours to charge up the jumping, otherwise the gate can malfunction and destroy our ships my Lord.
      Genos: Tell my Technocrat to send espionage. i want 24 hours surveillance.
      Fleet Admiral: Aye!

      As the ordered was given, Technocrat rushed into the meeting, stopped to catch his breath.

      Technocrat: My Lord... *cough cough*
      Genos: Why are you here! Who is behind the radars? who is spying?.
      Technocrat: Lord Genos.. *cough* i have some good news *cough cough*. GameForge just announced 2 days ceasefire!
      Genos: Well, look at that!.

      That was lucky, almost to good to be true, ceasefire would allow Genos to move his colony without anyone to detect him in the process.

      The present day:
      Boom Boom!

      With everything settled, Genos hoped Enurhp didn't spot the colony. Ceasefire had just ended and his fleet were fueled and ready for departure. A Technocrat report rushed onto the desk stating Enurhp's fleet just landed on his moon. Genos quickly ordered the Technocrat to watch over Enurhp's his HQ and the order was giving to the fleet admiral...

      Genos: jump the fleet and depart asap! their shilds are down.
      Fleet Admiral: Aye!

      The admiral put on his headset and shouted

      Fleet Admiral: Lock and Load Lads! off we go! Formation All-in, no time wasting no ACSing. Time the Recyclers, they need a airdump and go around, debris gonna get huge lads...

      Ships were hovering over Enurhp's moon and Genos checked for one last time for online members of his alliance, nobody, and he gave his signal.
      Recyclers reported they were full and a message popped up. W.T asked if Genos needed help. He nicely declined as his recyclers dump debris on the moon and made a go-aorund for the rest. The technocrat called Genos to tell activites in HQ of Enurhp. But that didn't bother Genos, he had successfully crashed Enurhp's fleet. Recyclers reported a missing debris of 385 recyclers. It was a success. The final report rolled in...

      (grammar errors can occur) :D

    • On 30-11-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker Genos [MWS]

      Small Cargo 175.437
      Light Fighter 866.511
      Heavy Fighter 1.060
      Cruiser 271.354
      Battleship 33.328
      Destroyer 39.040
      Battlecruiser 100.001

      Defender Enurhp [Sballs]

      Small Cargo 60.881
      Large Cargo 5.607
      Light Fighter 317.514
      Heavy Fighter 189
      Cruiser 91.879
      Battleship 53.533
      Colony Ship 11
      Recycler 111.178
      Espionage Probe 2.868
      Bomber 193
      Destroyer 21.474
      Deathstar 20
      Battlecruiser 6.254

      After the battle ...

      Attacker Genos [MWS]

      Small Cargo 107.039 ( -68.398 )
      Light Fighter 530.552 ( -335.959 )
      Heavy Fighter 759 ( -301 )
      Cruiser 243.233 ( -28.121 )
      Battleship 32.862 ( -466 )
      Destroyer 38.918 ( -122 )
      Battlecruiser 99.387 ( -614 )

      Defender Enurhp [Sballs]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      553.629.640 Metal, 199.908.366 Crystal and 204.516.144 Deuterium
      265.456.000 Metal, 49.977.092 Crystal and 51.129.036 Deuterium
      66.364.000 Metal, 12.494.273 Crystal and 12.782.259 Deuterium
      16.591.000 Metal, 3.123.568 Crystal and 3.195.565 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 2.531.347.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 12.896.947.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 7.847.083.200 metal and 3.765.695.200 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 1.439.166.943 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      4.785.423.200 Metal and 704.035.200 Crystal
      3.057.810.000 Metal and 3.057.810.000 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      7.843.233.200 Metal and 3.761.845.200 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 6.989.664.840
      Crystal: 3.318.892.499
      Deuterium: 204.341.004
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 10.512.898.343 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -8.955.285.640
      Crystal: -
      Deuterium: -1.116.662.004
      The defender(s) lost a total of 14.336.113.943 units.

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    • dad is not disappointed, dad is not disappointed, daddy is pissed off. Dammmm for a profit you got there, I'll never get over. :) :) :) :) :P :P
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