Version 6.4.0

    • Changelog

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    • Version 6.4.0

      Hey OGamere,

      Version 6.4.0 kommer til vores servere på Torsdag den 06/07 omkring kl 11.

      Den indenholder følgende ændringer:

      Notes of the version:

      [Feature] Alliance Chat
      [Feature] Indication of player status in buddy list and alliance member list
      [Bug fix] Alliance Text Editor - More options button without function
      [Bug fix] Character counter on Alliance texts isn't correct
      [Bug fix] Alliance: Problem in Kick Reason Message
      [Bug fix] Spoiler on the buddy request message is not working
      [Bug fix] Message counter on Applications not functioning correctly
      [Bug fix] Firefox: send buddy invite link only random possible
      [Bug fix] Have unread message but no message visible (problem with alliance rank rights)
      [Bug fix] IPad APP: Wrong trigger of no connection screen

      Side Notes:

      1- All pending requests to enter an alliance will be removed with this update
      2- During the update no alliances will be shown at all. The alliances will be transferred with a script to the new system. After that is done all alliances will show up again.

      Known Issues:

      When a new account is created and the first buddy request is received, a notification will show up in the inbox.The buddy request can be accepted through the buddy list, however the message will not show up and the notification will remain active. The development team is already working on a solution and it will come soon.

      Dit Team