Version 6.3.5

    • Changelog

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    • Version 6.3.5

      Hey OGamere

      Så er version 6.3.5 kommet på alle servere :)

      • [Bugs] Fix redundant DIV tag in Planet Bar (No visual changes, helps AGO)
      • [Bugs] Settings: planet sorting gets reverted when saving new changes on settings
      • [Bugs] Mobile view: logout button leads to blank page
      • Redesign: migration (merge overlay)
      • Redesign: Item activation on overview
      • Redesign: Messages
      • Redesign: Fleet Movement
      • Redesign: Change log
      • Redesign: Search
      • Redesign: Payment
      • Redesign: Federation layer (ACS invitation)
      • Redesign: Message system
      • Redesign: Resource settings
      • Redesign: Advice bar (Countdown area below main menu)

      Have in mind: If you are using addons to play OGame, that those may have problems on that redesigned pages/overlays until they get an update.

      Dit Team