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Al Capone

Oclock Story by Florianer


[TOT:] Thomasbogh [DGU 10] vs. Teemo [GOV] (A: 94.834.000, F:



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Call to arms - Nyt .org uni i starten af Oktober


Joey Badass


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    Hey fellow OGame player, Florianer here!

    If you don’t know me, that’s maybe a good starting point: youtube.com/watch?v=mvUvCyJPBB8
    Some WeTeHa guy told me to give you an insight in the new features OClock and the Beta Feature System. Wow, that’s a long story…
    It started like all of you experienced – I sent out my save fleet, logged in at arrival time and all is gone! “What the … why? And why again?! Oh, damn it! No resources left, even the debris field is gone!” Checking the messages shows where my pain is coming from. I messed up the fleet speed and missed the early arrival. Or: I did not mess up, but was busy with meetings, coding OGame, trying to find the newest random bug QA just brought up – and totally forgot the time. Hell no, not again. So I started to set an alarm on my smartphone. But even that was something I regularly forgot to do, because it is not in the game and kinda a 3rd party tool.
    To slightly alter a famous quote: “And thank God I‘m not only watching the game,…

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